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GameTree TV

The GameTree TV SDK enables your game and prepares it for distribution on the GameTree TV platform.

  • 7% per day user base growth.
  • 5.22€ average transaction value.
  • 25% of game activity is return gamers.
  • Join other great games like World of Goo and Fishdom.

A GameTree ID gives you free access to:

  • GameTree TV SDK
  • Documentation
  • Personal Support
  • Game Submission

GameTree Linux

GameTree Linux is a suite of tools powered by Cedega technology that allows developers and game enthusiasts to play a wide variety of community-supported games on their Linux desktop. All the required tools are provided free of charge, allowing games to be quickly and easily enjoyed on the Linux desktop.

A GameTree ID gives you free access to:

  • GameTree Linux client (required)
  • Cedega powered technology ("engines")

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